EFF Diceware Passphrase Generator

Below are 50 random passphrases generated using the EFF Diceware password lists.

The process for generating a password works as follows:

  1. One of EFF's 3 wordlist files is selected at random
  2. 4 or 5 dice are rolled (depending on the word list selected) to generate a random 4-5 digit number sequence
  3. The word corresponding to the sequence generated by the roll is read from the list
  4. Append the selected word to the password
  5. Repeat until the password consists of 5 words

  • uncaring sweep shindig vowel plug
  • unpack evoke lewdness sedative simmering
  • cache chute amino snugness wrangle
  • petroleum amendment plod scoured quesadilla
  • crinkle arming lady purr stopper
  • prorate breath quiet click haiku
  • lightbulb umpire urban glove iguana
  • value pajamas endorphin rotisserie dominoes
  • angles equal iguana cola tweak
  • grandpa rockstar eliminator derby lagging
  • clock echo sneak ragged fence
  • unhinge leisure extradite limousine vixen
  • foe negotiator finless coyote blush
  • fever wildcat next clean sift
  • elder rigidness panda drift silly
  • publisher knickers wrist hatchling disburse
  • subway sizable yahoo moody stark
  • fox cajoling icepack ivory civilian
  • subsector ensemble segment pest click
  • mower shakable gainfully earful jam
  • mumbo santa next unlimited ibuprofen
  • hunk ventricle sugar scuba ceramics
  • shabby sham decor grant endeared
  • blaze paprika pasta request fruit
  • powwow obnoxious boxer syllable dairy
  • curry haiku rhyme severely pajamas
  • battered onion jovial utensil shopping
  • cabdriver emoticon plotted staining guacamole
  • glue shade submarine lift glamorous
  • backless sled pep poker womb
  • utter eerie observant auxiliary splashy
  • thumb purge drop-down emancipate frail
  • veto mobilize grief pry knickers
  • janitor improve cathedral risk oval
  • favorite unfixed avenue syllable umbrella
  • starlet visor windmill matron datebook
  • swimwear craftily tastebud wizardry ecstasy
  • crown rogue crave party kite
  • imprint chief uranium imminent obvious
  • endurable racing foe mapmaker tissue
  • tucking kilogram jalapeno afraid gecko
  • small resolved euthanize good junkyard
  • itunes debt hatch kiosk backroom
  • ostrich feminism policeman harm broad
  • ambiance whole barge dill tidal
  • roving prevent spendable dimly writing
  • vapor estrogen patio fleshed agent
  • upon bok rascal zucchini arena
  • veto dropper clergyman affix salt
  • jalapeno daffodil opal ride clone