EFF Diceware Passphrase Generator

Below are 50 random passphrases generated using the EFF Diceware password lists.

The process for generating a password works as follows:

  1. One of EFF's 3 wordlist files is selected at random
  2. 4 or 5 dice are rolled (depending on the word list selected) to generate a random 4-5 digit number sequence
  3. The word corresponding to the sequence generated by the roll is read from the list
  4. Append the selected word to the password
  5. Repeat until the password consists of 5 words

  • control elusive hyperlink spent conducive
  • swell shiftless duvet trickery trump
  • buzzard encore email caboose maker
  • halo gong viable geometric harm
  • leftover shirt dejected unit roundtable
  • catcher gnarly peroxide lent knapsack
  • dozed fit same uneven governor
  • outweigh calm scowl florist anytime
  • isolation atom track chute paramedic
  • quill plot workbasket mule thud
  • swirl fled scout sleek cane
  • earlobe ebony dried finalist unflavored
  • sainthood cane doctor ship raisin
  • balancing pupil cinnamon kitty willed
  • dawn tingling maimed blast deck
  • timid laptop iconic negotiator faceted
  • cathedral hesitate liable announcer flyer
  • ferocity giraffe shadily chaos guileless
  • drainpipe spotted boiler skinny length
  • pep flint maker mocha stomp
  • outthink hazelnut imitator otter elf
  • liverwurst bubblegum turf enactment cotton
  • ion rejoice class slaw stupor
  • fifty quack speed body poison
  • drown reflector reclusive flattery breed
  • lake viewless joy salt earlobe
  • flap juror flame luscious deafening
  • nebulizer urethane enter ditzy rekindle
  • quarters foggy junky scoff coexistent
  • stopwatch stick mystified elastic gibberish
  • ejection mastiff pecan unwashed vest
  • viewfinder speak unhelpful liability anatomy
  • jaguar oxygen illuminate curve sandfish
  • length elite batting anonymous cylinder
  • visa zippy emission fryingpan utensil
  • woozy staff prune upgrade eelworm
  • jet golf found riches push
  • acuteness cage clapped detergent stall
  • canopener cradle collision parsnip cufflink
  • data cane wrinkly crop goatskin
  • trapping state crank carry viewfinder
  • bagful unabashed even footpath rice
  • oscillator stank petal walk lend
  • stole hugeness cult atrocious repeal
  • agitate line denim unnerving pony
  • striking makeover karate tidy sting
  • riskily accompany pelican shady ragweed
  • grid water wrought device phonebook
  • aqueduct pork broil debit proving
  • agnostic awake job radio city